Apr. 28th, 2010

Lego games

Apr. 28th, 2010 05:04 am
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I had no idea this comm existed!

So who likes the Lego games? I love the Star Wars ones, especially Lego SW II, which really improved upon the first game in so many ways.

Unfortunately, I've tried and been disappointed with both Batman and Indiana Jones (though I have yet to play Indiana Jones 2). With Batman, I found the controls really fiddly and the gameplay needlessly complicated (especially the suit-switching). In addition, the game is really dark, which I realise is to add to the Batman feel, but makes it kind of difficult to distinguish things. Indiana Jones was a lot better, but his whip, oh dear God, his whip. Worst weapon ever. And picking up spears and guns and whatnot is fiddly as well. I really miss my blasters and lightsabers!

So I haven't really played much of those two (I know I should play more, and thus get used to them a little more, but I just really want more SW!), but I am really, really looking forward to Lego Harry Potter. It's coming out at the end of June, and while I have been telling myself I shouldn't buy it until I play some more of the games I got for Christmas, it is being released three days after my birthday, which makes it really tempting. I hope the gameplay is better than Batman or Indiana Jones and more on par with Star Wars.

But, but, but! When I went on Amazon just now to confirm the release date of Lego HP, I saw something even better. Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars is coming out in October. Waaaaaaaaaant. OMG I want it so bad. It cannot be October soon enough.

So what about you guys? Are you excited about Harry Potter and Clone Wars? Should I tough out Batman and Indiana Jones some more because they will totally be worth it if I do? Which is your favorite Lego game so far?

[Note: I played Lego SW I&II on PS2, but Batman and Indiana Jones on the Wii, and since we don't have a PS3 or X-Box 360, any upcoming Lego games will have to be for the Wii as well.]
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It's Three Weeks for Dreamwidth, which seems to call for some content. So after my question yesterday (which, tsk, no one answered), I ended up buying three games made by Squeenix for iPhone/iPod Touch: Hills and Rivers Remain, Crystal Defenders, and Vanguard Storm. Over the next three days I'll review each of them (or at least do a reaction shot). Starting with Crystal Defenders! You can get this for most platforms now, according to the Wikipedia page, but this is specifically the iPod Touch version.

Basically, it's really simple. There's no plot, it's just tactics. The game is a series of maps which you have to defend. When monsters get through your defences, they take some of your crystals. There are various kinds of unit you can use to fight against them -- the usual Final Fantasy stuff: soldiers, black mages, time mages, thieves... -- with various different function, and various kinds of monsters. So some monsters are airborne and your soldiers won't touch them, some monsters take multiple crystals, some monsters move really really fast... Before each wave, you get to add new units to the area to defend it better against the kind of monster that's coming up next. You can also level up your units so they have a bigger range, etc. Both actions cost money, which you get by defeating monsters. When you lose all your crystals, it's game over.

Unfortunately, one of the flaws of the game is that it's very hard. If you build up your army early on, you don't get much money: the amount you get is dependent on how much you already have. The more you have, the more you get. So you're encouraged to get through the game with as little defence as possible. Another thing is that you can't move a unit once placed.

There's also no reward for doing well at it, other than a high score, as far as I can tell -- you don't earn any new types of units, or any new content. It quickly gets frustrating, but it's fun to pick up for ten minutes or so -- boring bus rides or waiting for an appointment or something.
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So, people have been posting here, which is awesome! It's also got me thinking that maybe doing something for Three Weeks for DW might be cool and so I was wondering if people would like to participate in an informal Game Manifesto Fest.

During the next few weeks, why not post about a game you love? Tell us what you love about it and why we should all be playing it and anything else you feel like saying to share the squee for that particular game.

ETA; I should add that you may do as many games as you like. Also more content is better content, so feel free to write up a game someone's already written about. :)
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Up-front disclaimer: I am all kinds of fannish about video games. Almost all the fandoms I write fic for are games. This means that I wind up talking a lot about characters and relationships in my game reviews! ...I promise to put in some stuff about play mechanics too. Also I am kinky (and so is this game, seriously), so there will be a little bit of stuff in here about powerplay themes as they come up in the game. I will try to keep the spoilers to a minimum. ^^

So, Magna Carta 2! To answer the first two obvious questions: (1) it's for the Xbox 360 (and so far that seems to be the only system it's on -- only time will tell if it turns out to be one of those games that releases for the PS3 a year later). (2) You do not need to have played the previous Magna Carta game on the PS2 to follow the story -- it inherits the name, the character designer, and a few of the themes, but doesn't share a world or characters.

aaaah I love this gaaaaame )


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