May. 9th, 2010

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Okay, let's see if I can write this thing!

... because previously all attempts to write it have ended with me getting up with a burning desire to just play the game instead (and then I am stymied by the fact that my Dreamcast is currently packed away under a pile of clothes, and so nothing gets done).

You see, I love Grandia II probably more than any other game I have ever played, certainly more than any other RPG I have ever played, and if I had not come across Grandia II when I did I guarantee I would not care about gaming as anything more than a thing which other people do. That is how much I love this game. I grew up with friends who I played Final Fantasy games with - I vividly remember playing FF7 for the first time with them, and likewise Suikoden I and Suikoden II - but, unlike everyone else's experiences with those games, I was never very impressed with them or even found the battle engine very engaging. In short, RPGs in particular were eye candy but they weren't things I cared about. I read epic fantasy as a kid; RPGs, story-wise, had nothing to offer me, and I didn't learn the appeal of dungeon grinds until I was almost out of high school, so it's safe to say simply pounding away at monsters wasn't gonna win me over, and I already mentioned that the eye candy of the first couple console generations wasn't enough to hit my buttons either.

(I have since learned the appeal of these things; I have gone back and with fondness played a lot of games I didn't find interesting as a tiny kid. But back then? Nah, they did nothing for me.)

I am honestly not sure why, of all these games, Grandia II carved out a piece of my heart and crawled in there to stay, but it did.

in which tara talks far too much and requires a cut tag simply to keep from probably breaking someone's circle in half )

In short, it has everything I want from a game and a fair bit more, and I revisit it at least once a year even now, almost a decade after its original release; it's safe to say it is one of my longest-lasting fannish loves, and I expect I'll still be playing it ten years from now with fondness and affection.

Besides. Canon OT3. That's basically my reason for loving it right there.


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