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I have only two game apps for my iPod Touch: Solitaire and Doodle Jump. Anyone got any recs?

I saw that Squeenix have made a new game for it, Chaos Rings. Is that good? What're the other games they've done for it like? Help!
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So what has everyone been playing, lately? Besides Solitaire, that is. I've mostly gone for old RPG games like Skies of Arcadia, FFX and FFX-2 I've already beaten like Skies of Arcadia, FFX and FFX-2. Katamari Damashii and We ♥ Katamari are also good when I have a break between classes.
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There's a really interesting gamer survey out. It's about homosexual content in video games, but they're looking for input from gamers of all sexual orientations. Even if you're not a gamer or don't want to take the survey, take a quick look at the first page just to compare it with SurveyFail.

There's an article about it here.

The survey is here.
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Last night was my first time PvPing with my main. Or rather, my raid went up against the Faction Champions, which is the third fight in the Trial of the Crusader (25-man for me), and OMGWTFPVPPAIN. I had actually never done any PvP with Teu before; lots on my paladin before Burning Crusade, but basically nothing since.

It's a tough fight, even for the people in my raid who are experienced PvPers. As a resto shaman, I turned out to be hardier than I'd expected -- almost as hardy as a paladin, which was exciting. I stayed alive, dropped my totems, ran out of mana, the usual things I'd expect in PvP. :)

It's not my favorite encounter, but it makes me significantly more interested in PvP with Teu than I'd ever been before. I'm going to have to give it some thought!
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I've got a hankerin' to run a game again. (I'm hoping it goes away. The scars from the last Mage LARP I ran are still raw.)

I was thinking of running one via a journal-service, probably DW, but maybe LJ.

How does one run such games? How do you get players? How effective are they? Do they have a lot of staying power, or peter out after a few weeks? How does time work in them?

Any thoughts, opinions, or advice?

Sims 3!

Jun. 21st, 2009 01:42 pm
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I picked up The Sims 3 a couple days after it came out; I blame [personal profile] telesilla and one of my RL friends who mentioned it. I completely skipped The Sims 2, so all I'd ever seen was the first couple of expansions from The Sims 1. 3 is like having this wild futuristic version of 1, where all the things that annoyed me are gone (introverted player is introverted; I so don't have the patience to socialize in-game, and now I don't have to cheat to avoid it!), and there are all kinds of new opportunities and career paths.

What I'm wondering about are things like challenges. I don't really know much about them, other than that [personal profile] telesilla mentioned them for Sims 2, but it sounds interesting -- anyone know what they are or how I'd go about doing one?

In the meantime, [personal profile] torachan linked to Alice and Kev yesterday, which is the adventures of "homeless" Sims and is pretty fascinating.
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I don't actually play Rock Band, but there's apparently a LEGO version coming out that looks freakin' adorable.

The trailer is here.
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Thanks to [personal profile] gwenny for the link.
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Tell us a little about yourself as a gamer in the comments, you know, if you feel like it. It's not mandatory. :)

I'll start.

I'm addicted to what my mother calls "dumb clicky games"; games like computer solitaire (and back in the dark ages before computers, solitaire with actual cards!), Bejewled and computer Mahjong. I'm pretty active on City of Heroes/Villains (Liberty Redside Represent...*crickets*) and am currently going through a serious Sims 2 phase. In the past I've been into Civ 3, Sims 1, Guild Wars and Neverwinter Nights.

As a mod, I'm pretty relaxed. Just acquaint yourselves with the don'ts that are listed over in the user info and we'll be cool!
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I love Pop Cap, not only for their painfully addictive games (OMG Bejeweled!), but also for the sheer inventiveness of their designers.

Their latest is Plants vs Zombies. Because yeah, when you think of defeating zombie hoards, you think of using...plants? Anyway, they have a couple of pretty funny trailers.

two You Tube vids )
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