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Created on 2009-04-25 03:57:19 (#122047), last updated 2015-06-16 (201 weeks ago)

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Name:A Gamer is Me!
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Do you game? Do you like talking about gaming with other gamers? Are your tastes eclectic? Do you want to post fan fic based on your game? Art? Icons? Squee? Meta?

Well, you've come to the right place. A Gamer is Me! is all about gaming.

And how do we define gaming? Very very broadly. Card games both physical and virtual, from the solitaire that came with your computer to poker in all its many incarnations. Table-top gaming from Monopoly to Carcassonne to D&D and other RPGs. Console gaming from...well, whatever you kids are playing on whatever platform you're playing it on.* PC games from the Sims (1, 2 & 3) to Civ to StarCraft and all the others out there. MMORPGs from WoW to Cox to EVE to Guild Wars and all the free ones out there too. Clicky games and silly games from Bejewled to KoL to Plants vs Zombies. The only games we exclude are actual sports type games where you have to, you know, go outside and exert yourself. Virtual sports games are okay, though.

If you can play it, you can talk about it here. And not just talk. Hints, tips and strategies are welcome. Fan fic and RP and Sims Legacies and game related art are welcome. And the squee, always the squee. Basically any game related conversation or discussion is welcome, with the following exception.

What isn't welcome? Pointless harshing of other gamers' buzz. No, we're not asking that everything be happy fun squee all the time, but if you don't like a game, you need to be articulate about why instead of just that it sucks and you hate it and, oh yeah, anyone who plays it is a loser. If you criticize a game, do not criticize the players on the comm. [For example: "I'm really kind of tired of the way some people on Guild Wars use 'gay' as an insult" is fine. "You Guild Wars players are all a bunch of homophobes!" is not.]

The other thing we don't welcome are code/key requests. Don't come into the comm and ask for a key code to The Sims 3, for example. Feel free to ask MMORPG players for referrals, though; that's a little different and is encouraged by the companies.

If you're going to post screen caps--which we totally encourage--feel free to tease, but put the actual caps behind the cut. If you're posting more than three icons, tease with three and put the rest behind a cut.

And if you have questions? Ask the mods; that's what we're here for.

*I have no clue; [personal profile] darkrose and I have a Wii that has not been turned on yet. So yeah, feel free to tell me (and everyone else) what the good games are for which platforms. :)

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